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Did you know that Debra...?


• Passed the written test for a private pilot’s license

• Understudied Patrice Munsel in a college production of “MAME”


• Asked Lindsey Davenport to swat tennis balls (who knew?)


• Loves a road trip and has camped across the country more than once


• Is a vegetarian


• Ran her first marathon in Atlantic City and came in under 4 ½ hours


• Walked dogs in NYC (10 dogs at a time!)


• Got her first job at Dunkin’ Donuts


• Had a summer job washing airplanes


• Hit the stick ball as far as any of the boys in the school yard


• Received an X-ray that prompted a doctor to say, “That is the longest pair of lungs I’ve ever seen!” 


• Shared her office with 26 five year olds for many years

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